The band

LAZARVS formerly known as Apey & the Pea (changed their name in 2019) is a power trio formed in 2008 in the heart of Budapest, after the breakup of a Pantera tribute band where the three founding members met. The band succeeded far from their original plans after releasing three albums, and one EP, serving heavy riffs, loud amps, and sweaty live performances for over a decade.

Throughout the years the band mastered their skills with their extremely aggressive live performances, and the commitment to their riff oriented devotion to give their audience the best live experience to walk home with. Such influences like Pantera, High on Fire, and Slayer gave the perfect combination to get on to the top acts in Hungary. The band is currently at full work on their upcoming fourth self-titled album under the name 'Lazarvs'.

"We'd like to thank everyone for the past 10 years, it means the world to us. As you may know, we’re tirelessly working on our new songs. As we're approaching the final goal, we feel we're opening a new chapter. We continue our journey under the name LAZARVS."

"Black November" Music Video

"Slaves" Music Video

"Nazareth" Music Video

"Judas" Music Video

"Abraham" Music Video

Laszlo Makai - drums
Andras Aron - vocals, guitar
Zoltan Prepelicza - bass